The mission of the Recreate Project is to celebrate, elevate,  and educate black history year round.  The Recreate Project is all about preserving the rich heritage of Black Americans by sharing their stories and honoring their legacies. The Recreate Project was founded and organized by Jasmine Mallory (Butterfly Beauty), a digital artist, photographer, author, poet, speaker, raw vegan & entrepreneur. In 2017, while embarking on a journey to gain “knowledge of self,” Jasmine came up with the idea to use the theme/genre of “ReCreate” as a way to creatively share Black History, particularly the stories of often forgotten black Americans who were unstoppable trailblazers in paving the way for those following in their paths. What started off as a blog has now become a high traffic website with vistors viewing from across the globe, as well as, an annual Black History Calendar.

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