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“2020 ReCreate Calendar” created by Jasmine Y. Mallory

It’s the 2020 Recreate Calendar!!  This unique calendar is a commemoration of our Black Heroes and Heroines!! It’s a great way to celebrate their accomplishments, not only in the month of February, but rather 365 days a year!!  

Cost: $15.00

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 “Book of Juneteenth” by Jasmine Y. Mallory

The Book of Juneteenth tells the history behind the story of Juneteenth, also internationally known as “Freedom Day.”  This book provides a historical perspective on the events leading up to June 19, 1865, a day of profound jubilation for the formerly enslaved.  It is the perfect educational tool for enlightening young minds, expanding older ones, or simply a special keepsake item. 

Cost: $10.00

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“Feet That Leap Off Ledges” by Jasmine Y. Mallory

Feet That Leap Off Ledges, is a poetry book written by ReCreate creator,  Jasmine Y. Mallory (formerly Jasmine Y. Williams). This collection of original poetry highlights her personal journey through the lens of self reflection, self-determination, empowerment while tackling social issues. This book will leave you feeling inspired!!

Cost: $10.00

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Bookmarks by Butterfly Beauty

These signature bookmarks are apart of a collection of handcrafted, custom-designed bookmarks created by Jasmine Mallory aka Butterfly Beauty.  Each bookmark has a unique style and will enhance the value of your reading experience.  Order yours today!!!

Cost: $7.00

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