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The NEW 2021 ReCreate Calendar: created & designed by Jasmine Y. Mallory

The 2021 Recreate Calendar is HERE!!  This unique calendar is a commemoration of our Black Heroes and Heroines!! It’s a great way to celebrate their accomplishments, not only in the month of February, but rather 365 days a year!!

Cost: $20.00

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“Strawberry Moon: Poetry by Jasmine Mallory

Check out Jasmine’s latest poetry book “Strawberry Moon: Poetry by Jasmine Mallory.”  It’s a collection of her original poems. Jasmine’s unique style of storytelling is full of word pictures and reflective imagery, which will leave you enthralled in revelation. This is her sophomore poetry book.

Cost: $10.00

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 “Book of Juneteenth” by Jasmine Y. Mallory

The Book of Juneteenth tells the history behind the story of Juneteenth, also internationally known as “Freedom Day.”  This book provides a historical perspective on the events leading up to June 19, 1865, a day of profound jubilation for the formerly enslaved.  It is the perfect educational tool for enlightening young minds, expanding older ones, or simply a special keepsake item.

Cost: $10.00

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“Feet That Leap Off Ledges” by Jasmine Y. Mallory

Feet That Leap Off Ledges, is Jasmine’s debut poetry book. This collection of original poetry highlights her personal journey through the lens of self reflection, self-determination, empowerment while tackling social issues. This book will leave you feeling inspired!!

Cost: $10.00

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Bookmarks by Butterfly Beauty

These signature bookmarks are apart of a collection of handcrafted, custom-designed bookmarks created by Jasmine Mallory aka Butterfly Beauty.  Each bookmark has a unique style and will enhance the value of your reading experience.  Order yours today!!!

Cost: $7.00

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